watches are now the main male accessory

Among the most expensive watches in the world are brands such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, which can reach to the tune of $ 11 million. There is also best known as Rolex, Breitiling, Cartier and Omega, but it is not necessary to be a billionaire to have a good watch. H hour this week shows that, under £ 500, you can choose a model that is at once classic, simple and elegant.

The classic watches, gold and silver bracelet can be worn with formal or casual attire, such as show Prince William of Wales, actor Simon Helberg, from the series “Big Bang Theory”, and singer Adam Levine, the band Marron 5

Most Brazilian men love the larger models, full of features like calendar, stopwatch, chronograph and altimeter. They are like the famous “toys for adults”. How are more sporting models, not intended for all occasions. A watch for divers, for example, should not be used with suit. Therefore, beyond this you both love, it’s good to have a classic, simple dial, case and metal bracelet, for use in work environments and more formal meetings. Learn more about how to use watches here.

Analog clock Seculus made with mixed silver and gold bracelet, metal bracelet and case; £ 149.

Among the classical models, the most traditional are the leather bracelet. But for some men, can cause allergies and make perspire too much on hot days. Therefore, the most versatile of the bracelet are metal, preferably stainless steel. The silver color is more subtle, but the golden color are back and can be used without fear.

The analog dials, retro style, with pointers in numerals, dashes or Roman numerals bring back the charm of the time nobody used the phone to see the time. The display box can be round or rectangular, have black or white background. This depends on your particular taste.

The watches classic metal analog dial and bracelet take another advantage: in addition to match with formal attire, such as suits and customs, can also be used with casual clothes and in informal situations, since, with its simple design, combined with the Most of the male wardrobe.

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Classic watchmaking, the “Santos” Cartier model was developed in order for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, in 1904, and is one of the first men’s wrist watches. The model won a updates during its history, but retained the traditional rectangular shape. The 2009 version has carbon case and canvas strap; by R $ 20,330,

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